Ahmet Savaşan: Guides Have A Great Role In The Formation Of The Country’s Image

President of the Global Healthcare Travel Council, Deputy Dr. In his message on the occasion of February 21st World Guides Day, Ahmet Savaşan said, “Guides have a great role in the formation of the country’s image.”

President of the Global Healthcare Travel Council and TRNC Deputy Dr. Ahmet Savaşan issued a message on the occasion of February 21st International Tourist Guides Day. Ahmet Savaşan pointed out that training qualified tourist guides, who provide communication between local people and tourists, present values of their countries and act as ambassadors in international promotion, and encouraging continuous development of tourist guides, strengthens the image of countries. Pointing out that there is a great need to specialize in guiding as well as training qualified tourist guides in the world, Ahmet Savaşan emphasized that the council (GHTC) is working hard to ensure coordination among member countries to train guides in the field of Health Tourism.

Ahmet Savaşan stated that the guiding profession is a very specific field that requires skills such as human relations, leadership, language mastery, direction and route-finding, being able to convey information, telling stories about what is conveyed, and influencing people, and emphasized that guides have a decisive role in the formation and development of the image of countries.


Pointing out that a successful tourism guide in his profession must have versatile knowledge, Dr. Ahmet Savaşan stated that this is possible by updating the individual’s information and constantly adding new ones. Stating that professional tourist guides are the individuals with whom tourists visiting a country first meet, get the first impression, spend the most time with, get information about the country, help each other, talk to, and sometimes share their problems with, Savaşan said, “A qualified guide training will lead to the training of qualified guides, the development of self-renewing guides. The training of qualified guides also makes the accompanied group to return to their country satisfied with their holiday. This makes it possible to strengthen the tourism image of the countries and generate sustainable tourism revenues in the countries.”


 At the end of his message, Ahmet Savaşan congratulated all guides’ International Tourism Guides Day and called on the 56 council member countries to encourage the necessary steps to be taken regarding the branching of guidance training.Savaşan said “There is a great need to specialize in guiding as well as to train qualified tourist guides around the world. Our Council (GHTC) will continue to increase its efforts to ensure coordination among member countries in order to train guides in the field of Health Tourism. We congratulate all guides on the occasion of the International Tourist Guides Day and call on all countries to encourage them to take the necessary steps regarding the branching of guiding education.”

Ahmet Savaşan: Guides have a great role in the formation of the count (kibrispostasi.com)

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