Our Mission

Our Mission

The Global Healthcare Travel Council (GHTC) is the forum of National Councils in the Healthcare Travel industry. With Senior Executives of some of the world’s leading Healthcare Travel Councils and Associations as its Members, GHTC has a unique mandate and overview on all matters related to Healthcare Travel.

GHTC works to raise awareness of Healthcare Travel as one of the world’s largest industries, supporting 100 million jobs and generating 12 per cent of world GDP.

GHTC advocates partnership between the public and private sectors, delivering results that match the needs of economies, local and regional authorities and local communities with those of business, based on:

  1. Governments recognizing Healthcare Travel as a top priority
  2. Business balancing economics with people, culture and environment
  3. A shared pursuit of long-term growth and prosperity

The Council regularly sets Strategic Priorities with a view to identifying those issues which most impede the operation or development of the sector. Details of the issues on which the Global Healthcare Travel Council is currently campaigning can be reached thru the GHTC Council Secretariat.

GHTC’s success in generating a climate of understanding of the importance of Healthcare Travel is based on its:

  1. High quality and authoritative research into the facts about Healthcare Travel, and into the issues affecting the sector;
  2. Ability to harness the unrivalled the knowledge and experience of the Council Members, who number the most prominent executives in the industry;
  3. Willingness to collaborate with other leading industry bodies in pursuit of mutual aims;
  4. Visible, timely and newsworthy programme of communications – including its famous Summit meetings – to inform discussions between the Healthcare Travel industry, governments, and large communities.

Our  Vision

the GHTC Vision Statement

…and getting the stakeholders to join forces to realize it

The Council’s “meaning and purpose” for its stakeholder members is to serve their professional needs and interests.

The current and future objectives of the Council include:

  • being the legitimate, credible and representative voice of the Healthcare Travel Industry and its supply side / sell side stakeholders
  • serving – and acting – as the catalyst, to encourage, enable and empower its members to: adopt and Implement Concerted Action Initiatives
  • adopt and Implement Concerted Action Initiatives
  • contribute towards expansion of the Industry (supply side – sell side) and cultivation of the Market (demand side – buy side)
  • collaborate – as opposed to “compete against”

The “bigger-picture” impact of the work the Council is doing – and will be doing – is to champion the “movement” towards making Healthcare Travel / Health Tourism a broad-appeal lifestyle choice – for all – for a lifetime.

the Council envisages encouraging, enabling and empowering its members – by acting together – to ensure our children, and our children’s children, have the opportunity to enrich their lives through travel and to understand – and capitalize on – the benefits of Global Healthcare / Health Tourism.

Events & Programs

Events and Training programs that will be staged in the near future..

15 February Thursday
15 February Thursday

Be Updated with us

Be Updated with us

New global council is formed to support, represent and promote the growing health travel and medical tourism sector. The new initiative was launched with the statement, “Our long-term vision is to become a standard setting organization for the promotion and delivery of healthcare services to all global citizens.”

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