GHTC Former Honorary President Savaşan Asked THY To Extend The Discounts Applied To Health Tourists Going To Turkiye To TRNC.

GHTC Former Honorary  President also  President of the Cyprus Health Tourism Council, Deputy Dr. Ahmet Savaşan and board members attended the Arab Travel Market Fair (ATM 2024) held at Dubai World Trade Center with the participation of 165 countries. Savaşan was accompanied by TRNC Abu Dhabi Representative Umut Koldaş, as well as Cyprus Health Tourism Council Board Members Doğan Yalkı, Dr. Remzi Gardiyanoğlu and Dr. İlker İpekdal.

ATM 2024 Dubai fair, which was held this year with the main theme of “Powering Innovation through Entrepreneurship: Transforming Travel through Entrepreneurship”, brought together the leading names of the travel industry. President of the Cyprus Health Tourism Council, Deputy Dr. Ahmet Savaşan attended the fair together with sector representatives at the Northern Cyprus Stand. Dr. Ahmet Savaşan came together with many health tourism and country representatives and signed new agreements for sending health tourists to Northern Cyprus.

THY was asked to extend the discounts applied to health tourists going to Turkiye up to TRNC…

Within the scope of his Dubai contacts, Dr. Ahmet Savaşan also met with THY 2nd Region Sales President Mahmut Yayla, Middle East and Cyprus Sales Vice President Erol Şenol, and Africa Sales Vice President Hikmet Mesut Türkseven. At the meeting, the issue of applying special discounts to health tourists coming to Northern Cyprus Ercan Airport from all routes where THY flies was discussed.

Savaşan met with the Health Tourism Director of Dubai Health Authority

Dr. Ahmet Savaşan, who was the 7th Term President of the Global Healthcare Travel Council and recently handed over the Presidency to Moldova, within the scope of the fair contacts, also met with many country representatives, especially  Global Healthcare Travel Council Executive Founding Member country UAE Dubai’s,  Dubai Health Authority, Health Tourism Director Mohamed Al Mheiri, Global Healthcare Travel Council- GCC Countries Committee Senior Coordinator Ms. Laila Al Jassmi of UAE Dubai and GHTC VP Ahmed Aloraij  of Saudi  Arabia, exchanged views on the steps that can be taken for the development of mutual cooperation.

Intensive discussions were held on current issues and future trends in the Industry

Savaşan also attended the sessions held with the participation of 200 speakers within the scope of ATM 2024- Dubai fair, where intense discussions were held on current issues and future trends in the sector such as entrepreneurship, emerging markets, sustainability, artificial intelligence, Next Gen destinations, travel technology and future trend predictions.

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Be Updated with us

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