Savaşan: Our nurses, our future, lack of applause

President of the World Health Tourism Council, Deputy Dr. Ahmet Savaşan visited hospitals as part of the “World Nurses Day”. Speaking during the visits, Savaşan said, “It is not enough to applaud our nurses, our future,”.

President of the World Health Tourism Council, Deputy Dr. Ahmet Savaşan visited the operating room hospitals on World Nurses Day and congratulated the officers.

In her speech during the visit, Savaşan said, “On Nurses’ Day, celebrated on the day the director of modern management, Florence Nightingale, started, we gratefully greet the courage and performance of nurses exposed to the coronavirus pandemic.”


Pointing out that the Officials face difficulties in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as in many other parts of the world, including the personal needs and increasing living costs at many points, Dr. Ahmet Savaşan pointed out that although many steps have been taken in the field of management, there is still a long way to go.


Ahmet Savaşan, who stated that they had an opportunity to celebrate and applaud the hard work, dedication and hospitality of the nurses who provide health services in hospitals, clinics and other health settings on May 12, said that despite their vital role in the health system, he is his master, and in many geographies of the world, pregnant women are both financial and spiritual. Pointing out that he had difficulties, he said, “Today, the lack of applause for their support, the happy conclusion of the service services of the administrators, their satisfaction with the service areas should be a necessary walk for an orphanage and a support that should be taken. The World Health Tourism Council (GHTC) foresees this process not only in Northern Cyprus but also in the administration of 56 members.”


Noting that this year’s impact was determined as “Our Nurses, Our Future”, and that this theme marked the implementation of actions necessary to protect, respect and value lessons learned from the pandemic process. At the end of his message, Ahmet Savaşan said, “I sincerely thank the pictures that devotedly serve the patients and their relatives, and I sincerely observe the pictures.”

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