Dt. Corrado Palmas

Biography Born in Sardinia, Italy on 04.08.1984 Graduated in dentistry with highest marks and honors in the 2009 academic year at the University of Cagliari; From 2010 to 2013, he continued his studies in advanced surgery at the University of New York when the idea of researching the phenomenon of Dental Tourism in Europe was born. In 2013 he launched the first book Il Dentista Europeo Gratuito, based on research carried out in more than 15 nations, which later served as a contribution to dentistry at an international level; 2013 - Dr. Corrado Palmas makes a study visit to the Republic of Moldova, after which he gets to know the activity of Smile Dent and becomes a business partner together with Dr. Vadim Vetrilă; Over the years, they have treated thousands of patients from Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Romania, etc; The institution has become a point of reference at European level in solving complex surgical and prosthetic cases. It is a center of excellence for those who have lost all their teeth due to severe periodontal disease, traffic accidents or previous unsuccessful dental treatments. He currently coordinates 8 clinics in the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Italy. Over 500 employees and two Oral Research and Development Divisions. Author of 3 books dedicated to human rights in the field of health and advanced reconstruction of the oral cavity;

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