Assist. Prof. Dr. Ediz Tunçel


During his graduate studies, he taught part-time English courses at the Turkish Republic Prime Ministry Customs Office, Police Academy, and Private British School. He returned to Cyprus in 1995 and completed his military service. After completing his, military service, he started working as a lecturer at Eastern Mediterranean University. He later worked as a lecturer at the European University of Lefke. He served as the Director of the English Preparatory School and as the Acting Head of English Language Teaching department at this university. In the same period, he organized English for Academic and Specific Purposes courses in faculties. He personally gave English for specific purposes courses at the Department of International Relations. At the beginning of 2000, he started his doctorate program on Language Testing and Evaluation in Foreign Language Teaching, and Language Teaching and Developing Language Programs at Essex University in the UK. During his PhD studies, he directly took part in some language research projects of the university and taught English for Academic Purposes to foreign students for a semester. After completing the program, he returned to Cyprus and started working at Near East University. He worked as a lecturer and administrative staff, and took an active role in media, communication, international relations, international conferences, promotion and accreditation issues of the university. He also served as the General Secretary for two years during the establishment phase of the University of Kyrenia, which was also founded by NEU at the same time. He is one of the four founders of the Cyprus Turkish Environment Platform. He actively took part in various non-governmental organizations and associations and is still actively involved. He is an active columnist and socio-political program producer in the Turkish Cypriot press. He still works for Near East University.

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