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    1.  Diana Lazar, PhD, is an renowned economic growth professional with a career spanning over 12 years in various USAID-funded projects. Her remarkable journey has been marked by leadership and innovation in the field of tourism sector development, wine industry reform, manufacturing, medical tourism etc.

      Throughout her tenure, Mrs. Lazar spearheaded comprehensive programs that left an indelible mark on the tourism landscape. The visionary leadership included the creation and management of the “Tree of Life” country brand, shaping Moldova’s identity on the global stage. She championed export and trade promotion initiatives, strategically guiding product development and regional tourism. One of the crowning achievements was the development of the “Wine Routes of Moldova,” recognized by the Council of Europe, the development of the White Paper on Tourism industry development, the establishment of the National Office for Vine and Wine, etc.

      Mrs. Lazar’s pioneering work included complex legal and regulatory reforms, fostering institutional framework reform that laid the foundation for a thriving tourism sector. She empowered the private sector by founding influential business associations like ANTRIM, ATMM, and ASW.

      Mrs Diana Lazar contributed to building education partnerships and elevating Moldova’s global presence through her participation in prestigious forums such as the UNWTO, OIV, GHTC, etc., and had a direct contribution to the organization of the International Healthcare Travel Forum in Moldova.

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