President Dr. Natalia Ciobanu, Presented The GHTC Roadmap for 2024-2026 at Chisinau Moldova


“In Chisinau, the official ceremony of taking over by the Republic of Moldova, represented by the Medical Tourism Association, of the presidency of the Global Healthcare  Travel Council (GHTC) was held. During the event, the Roadmap for the years 2024-2026 was presented and the activities that aim to develop the field of medical tourism on the medium and long term, but also to promote medical services, professionals and the image of our country at the international level.

“Our priorities for the period 2024-2026 include: attracting investment, implementing cutting-edge technologies, launching the GHTC Academy to facilitate the exchange of experience among members and the creation of the medical electronic system that can be used by patients from any country in the world.” Likewise, we propose to internationally accredit as many clinics in the country as possible and to develop the HealthTech Park in the town of Codru”, said Natalia Ciobanu the president of ATMM/GHTC.

“The Republic of Moldova has a great resource: the human resource. It’s all you need to conquer the world and attract numerous medical tourists to the country. Turkey, for example, receives patients from 189 countries today. “And the annual income from medical tourism for the country’s economy amounts to 20 billion euros,” said Emin Çakmak, the Founder and Honorary Chairman of the GHTC.

Present at the opening of the event, the representatives of resort ministries greeted the progress recorded by the Medical Tourism Association of Moldova since its founding and until now, appreciating the determination of the team and its members to consolidate the position of the Republic of Moldova on the map of global medical tourism.

“Medical tourism, which is a segment of great prospects in the Republic of Moldova, helps to diversify destinations, create jobs, support businesses and attract investments.” Four directions are important on the size of the value chain: to increase the number of foreign tourists, to expand their stay, to diversify and develop the national tourism product, and, most importantly, to increase the revenue of this industry,” stressed Andrei Chistol Secretary of State for Ministerul Culturii al Republicii Moldova

“The priority of the Ministry of Health is the health of its own citizens. But we are very happy that the quality medical services in our country are attractive to foreign patients as well,” said Ion Prisăcaru, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova.

The event brought together private medical clinics, members of the Medical Tourism Association of Moldova, travel agents and facilitators in the field of medical tourism. The agenda of the event also included a workshop dedicated to the medical tourism industry, which was held by international speakers with extensive experience in the sector.

“In order to achieve all the objectives proposed for the next two years, it is imperative to fortify the partnership with the Government and the institutions from its subordinate.” We are also betting on the involvement of the diaspora, which is a very good messenger in the promotion of the medical services of the Republic of Moldova”, said Andrei Revenco, the founder and executive director of ATMM.

We remind you that in April this year, during the General Assembly of the GHTC, attended by over 50 countries, the Republic of Moldova obtained the majority of votes, ahead of Germany and Saudi Arabia, who were in the same race to win the presidency of the Global Medical Tourism Council.

Institutional partners: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of moldova, Oficiul Național al Turismului , Agenția de Investiții din Moldova . Universitatea de Stat de Medicină şi Farmacie „Nicolae Testemiţanu” . Part American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova .

Strategic Partners: USAID Moldova – through Rural Competitiveness and Resiliency Project (RCRA) and Ukraine-Moldova American Enterprise Fund.

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