Zorlu Töre receives Guliyev

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the TRNC Zörle Töre received Ruslan Guliyev, the 4th Term President of the Global Healthcare Travel Council (GHTC) and the President of Azerbaijan Health Travel Council.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the TRNC and Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu, who is also the Chair of the High Advisory Board of the GHTC for the 2023-2024 term, and Member of Parliament (MP) Dr. Ahmet Savaşan, the 2023-2024 Term President of the GHTC, were also present in the meeting.

In his speech, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Zorlu Töre underlined the significance of the representation of the TRNC together with Türkiye and Azerbaijan at the GHTC, which has been founded in Monaco with the participation of the United States, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Estonia, Croatia, India, Nigeria, Panama, Poland, Senegal, Ukraine, Jordan, and Greece under the founding chairmanship of Türkiye, and has 56 member-states as of today. Töre expressed his belief that the representation of the TRNC in GHTC will improve TRNC’s international visibility and have positive effects on her activities in health travel.

Töre emphasized his gratitude for Azerbaijan’s efforts and works to support his country and said that TRNC and Azerbaijan have too much joint pain and happiness. Reminding Ahmet Savaşan’s successful representation of the TRNC in the health travel sector at international platforms; Speaker Töre also emphasized that the election of Ahmet Savaşan as President for GHTC will contribute to the existing cooperation between the member countries and TRNC, as well as the representation of the TRNC in the international arena.

Ruslan Guliyev thanked Zorlu Töre for meeting himself and giving value to Azerbaijan and stated that Azerbaijan Health Travel Council is cooperating for many years with the TRNC in the health travel sector. In this vein, Guliyev expressed that they will continue to work hard to further develop the cooperation between the two countries.

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Be Updated with us

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