As GHTC we proudly participated in the 2023 London WTM Tourism Fair

We proudly participated in the 2023 London WTM Tourism Fair and took our place at the Northern Cyprus Pavilion, where the term presidency of GHTC continues, with the outstanding efforts of President Dr. Ahmet Savasan.

In addition to the Health Tourism stand at the Pavillion, GHTC Supervisorty Board President Mr.Yunus Gürkan participated as a speaker in the ‘Unlocking the Growth of Niche Travel’ panel on behalf of GHTC, talked about Health and Medical Tourism, and the 8 segments of Health Travel and the GHTC’s  2017  Amman Declaration, thru this perspective, he shared IVF and other sensitive treatments as the Niche Tourism segment of the ‘’Health Island of Mediterranean, North Cyprus’’.

Among the 80 panels that took place on 4 separate stages for 3 days at WTM, only at this panel the Health and Medical Tourism issues, that we brought up and talked about and the contributions of this giant sector to world travel and tourism were watched with interest.  Mr. Yunus Gurkan  indicated that  he was very proud to raise awareness of Global Healthcare Travel Council (GHTC) with this presentation.

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Be Updated with us

Be Updated with us

New global council is formed to support, represent and promote the growing health travel and medical tourism sector. The new initiative was launched with the statement, “Our long-term vision is to become a standard setting organization for the promotion and delivery of healthcare services to all global citizens.”

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