New Methods In IVF Treatment

19 January 2024
14:35 - 15:00

New Horizons in IVF Treatment

Regular IVF is basically done in almost every modern country today and that’s why regular IVF consists of a small amount of patients choosing to have treatment abroad. Whereas, the patient in need of egg or sperm, or both, or preimplantation genetical screening or even surrogacy are still creating a big group of patients seeking the treatment abroad. In many countries, there are restrictions for some or all of these treatments, and if it is allowed, it is either very expensive or there are waiting lists or the success is not very high in most of them. In this situation Northern Cyprus is an accelerating trend in IVF bazaar, which offers wide perspective of treatments as well as the new technologies which increase the success rates. In my presentation, I will emphasize the modern treatment options which the patients are seeking for treatment abroad and give some informative knowledge about Northern Cyprus in this aspect.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burcu Özbakır


Prof. Dr. Müfit C. Yenen

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