Aproach to Oncology Patients and Radiotherapy Applications

15 February 2024
14:00 - 14:25

Aproach to Oncology Patients and Radiotherapy Applications

Today, around the world, decisions are being made about the stage of patients’ cancers and personalised treatment plans.  Our hospital approaches our patients at a multidisciplinary level according to international guidelines. Once a patient is diagnosed with cancer, they will be evaluated by a team consisting of specialists from the departments of radiology, nuclear medicine, pathology, surgery and medical oncology personalised treatment plans are made.  As the diagnosis and treatment of cancer is conducted by our hospital’s specialist team together with our wide variety of technological facilities under one roof, this contributes towards successful treatments.

Our hospital offers the latest technology devices, which makes it a pioneer in the field of radiation Oncology in Cyprus.  One example of such technology is Rapidarc and the other is Brachytherapy


Rapidarc, also known as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, is a treatment device that can be used in all types of cancer.  During treatment, the patient lies down on the bed section of the device and the moving device which spins around the patient conducts the radiation treatment.  The daily treatment using this procedure consists of a total of 4 minutes, with less than 2 minutes to obtain images and 2-3 minutes for the radiation treatment. When spinning around the patient, this device enables the healthy tissue next to the tumour to be protected while applying a sensitive and necessary dose of radiation to the tumour. We also use breathing adjustable radiotherapy for the tumor and organ movements and especially for left sided breast tumours to protect heart and coronary arteries.


Brachytherapy is a form of radiotherapy that is mostly used for gynaecological cancers.  Treatment with brachytherapy consists of direct radiation into the tumour by placing the radioactive source through an applicator into or next to the tumour region. Thus, the necessary dose is given to the tumour and the surrounding tissues are not harmed.

The fully fledged Radiation Oncology Department at Near East University Hospital has been accepting patients since April 2010. All types of cancer are successfully treated in our hospital.


 Prof. Dr. Meltem Nalça Andrieu


Prof. Dr. Nuri Arslan

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