Cosmetic Dermatology Journey in North Cyprus

16 November 2023
14:35 - 15:00

Cosmetic Dermatology Journey in North Cyprus

Knowledge and skills are required to deal with certain skin disorders and their corresponding cosmetic complaints. The field of cosmetic dermatology is growing as an overlap between the medical treatment of skin diseases and traditional cosmetology. This poses problems for dermatologists and other professionals, including regulation agencies. Dermatology should enable patients to benefit from all that is necessary for their care, whether that is surgery, drugs or cosmetics. Here in Dr. Suat Gunsel Kyrenia University Hospital, a patient-orientated approach is advocated. We address our patients for the best cosmetic and medical results in Cyprus.  


Assist. Prof. Dr. Pertevniyal Bodamyalızade


Prof. Dr. Aslı Feride Kaptanoğlu

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