The Board of GHTC

High Advisory Board of GHTC

  • Chairman, Mr. Fikri Ataoğlu
  • Deputy Prime Minister Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

High Advisory Board of GHTC

  • Founder and Honorary Chairman, Mr. Emin Cakmak – Turkiye
  • Honorary and 2nd Term President, Dr. Fawzi AL-Hammouri – Jordan
  • Honorary and 3rd Term President, Dr. Layla Al Marzouqi – UAE Dubai
  • Honorary and 4th Term President, Mr. Ruslan Guliyev – Azerbaijan
  • Honorary and 5th Term President, Dr. Violetta Janyshevska – Ukraine
  • Honorary and 6th Term President, Dr. Miljenko Bura – Croatia

7th Term President & Executive Board

  • President, Dr. Ahmet Savasan -Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Secretary General, Doğan Yalkı – Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Deputy Secretary General, Prof. Dr. Nedime Serakıncı – Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Vice President Countries

  • Vice President, Dr. Jia Xiao Fang – China
  • Vice President, Mr. Luka Striskovic – Croatia
  • Vice President, Mr. Lutz Lungwitz – Germany
  • Vice President, Dr. Alekh Sharma – India
  • Vice President, Mr. Aibek Alanov – Kyrgyzstan
  • Vice President, Ms. Natalia Ciobanu – Moldova
  • Vice President, Mr. Amine Bellamine – Morocco
  • Vice President, Mr. Ahmed Alaraij – Saudi Arabia

Supervisory Board of GHTC

  • President, Mr. Yunus Gurkan – Turkiye

GCC Countries Senior Coordinator

  • UAE Dubai, Ms. Laila Al Jassmi

Executive Board Member Countries

  • Azerbaijan, Mr. Jeyhun Ashurov
  • Italy, Maria Princivalle
  • Hungary, Mr. Laszlo Puczko
  • Jordan, Mr. Naser al Majali
  • Kazakhstan, Saulesh Kalenova
  • Poland, Mr. Michał P. Dybowski
  • Romania, Mr. Alexandru Constantin
  • Russia, Ms. Oxana Medvedeva
  • UAE Dubai, Mr. Mohamed Al Mheiri
  • Ukraine, Dr. Igor Torsk

Events & Programs

Events and Training programs that will be staged in the near future..

15 February Thursday
15 February Thursday

Be Updated with us

Be Updated with us

New global council is formed to support, represent and promote the growing health travel and medical tourism sector. The new initiative was launched with the statement, “Our long-term vision is to become a standard setting organization for the promotion and delivery of healthcare services to all global citizens.”

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