Advisory Groups, Committees

High Advisory Board and Committees of GHTC

  • Chairman
  • Fikri Ataoğlu – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

GCC Countries Committee

  • Senior Coordinator
  • Laila Al Jassmi – UAE Dubai

Education and Certification Task Force Committee

  • Education and Certification Program Coordinator
  • Dr. Khrystyna Kovalchuk – Ukraine
  • Executive Members – TBA

Ethical Committee

  •  Head of Ethical Committee- TBA
  •  Executive Members – TBA

Advisory Board Members

  •  Ms. Laila Al Jassmi, UAE Dubai
  •  Dr. Magdalena Rutkowska, Poland
  •  Mr. Hisham Huneidi, Kuwait
  •  H.E. Prof. Tawfik Al-Khoja, Saudi Arabia
  •  Ms. Joyce Socao, Philippines
  •  Dr. Jacob Thomas, Malaysia
  •  Prof. Dr. Metin Cakmakci, Turkiye
  •  Dr. Stewart Hamilton, USA
  •  Prof. Dr. Halil Tolga Kocum, Turkiye
  •  Mr. Keith Pollard, England
  •  Mr. Ilan Geva, USA
  •  Mr. Josef Woodman, USA
  •  Prof. Dr. Tayfun Aybek, Turkiye
  •  Mr. Zahid Hamid, United Kingdom
  •  Mr. Kamil Yuceoral, Turkiye
  •  Mr. Parmod Sahni, India

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Academicians conducting scientific studies in the field of Health Tourism at GHTC
  • Dr. Aslı Feride Kaptanoğlu, Türkiye
  • Dr. Aşkın Kiraz, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Dr. Banu Elçin Yoldaşcan, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Dr. Evren Hınçal, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Dr. Finn Rasmussen, Denmark
  • Dr. Hamza Duygu, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Dr. Hüseyin Gökçekuş, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Dr. Mehmet Özmenoğlu, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Dr. Mehmet Refik Mas, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Dr. Mehtap Malkoç, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Dr. Meltem Nalça Andrew, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Dr. Mesut Yalvaç, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Dr. Müfit C. Yenen, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Dr. Nedime Serakıncı, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Dr. Nuri Arslan, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Dr. Serap Çetiner, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Dr. Şerife Zihni Eyüpoğlu, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Prof. Dr. Bilgen Kaymakamzade, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Prof. Dr. Burcu Özbakır, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Prof. Dr. Ediz Tuncel, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Prof. Dr. İlker İpekdal, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Prof. Dr. Pertevnial Bodamyalızade, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Prof. Dr. Remzi Gardiyanoğlu, TR Northern Cyprus

GHTC Support Team

  • Event Coodinator – Dr. Osman Ergene, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Event Coodinator – Merve Büyükhilal, TR Northern Cyprus
  • Head of IT Department- Sefa Çabuk, Türkiye
  • Social Media & Web Master – Doğu Güler, Türkiye

Events & Programs

Events and Training programs that will be staged in the near future..

18 April Thursday

International Health Tourism Forum – TRNC 2024

18 April 2024 - 20 April 2024
Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), North Cyprus
15 February Thursday

Be Updated with us

Be Updated with us

New global council is formed to support, represent and promote the growing health travel and medical tourism sector. The new initiative was launched with the statement, “Our long-term vision is to become a standard setting organization for the promotion and delivery of healthcare services to all global citizens.”

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