Letter from the President of GHTC

Letter from the President of GHTC

​I would like to thank all the members of the Global Healthcare Travel Council (GHTC) for their confidence.

And I want to assure you that I will do my best to make the vision of the GHTC come true, and I will need your support and your continuous feedback to work together to make GHTC the role model for building the industry of health care travel, and increase awareness of its importance as an important economic driver.

I believe that this industry will grow even further for many reasons, some of these are the availability of information through the wide use of internet and social media channels, the ease of travel, the availability of advanced healthcare services and well reputed physicians that can attract patients from different parts of the world.

We have to work on establishing training programs for those who work in this field, and will write the code of ethics and educate patients and providers on the safe practice for travelling patients.

We need to join our efforts to brand medical tourism globally by increasing the awareness for all the stakeholders involved in this industry. And the code of ethics will ensure that patients are receiving the proper care and follow up.

Please keep us updated with your activities in your country so that we can share it will all members.

Wish you all success and prosperity.

Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri

President of GHTC
Chairman of Private Hospitals Association

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